Wednesday, 19 April 2017

End to Fixed-term Parliaments Shock!

So, despite continually saying she would not hold a 'snap election', at least 7 times on film, our Prime Minister wants to hold a general election on June the 8th 2017, that looks like a 'snap election' to me, and an end, probably, to the 2011 Fixed-term Parliaments Act following just one general election held under that Act of Parliament!

So, in what will be the most important general election of my lifetime, it will be important to vote, subsequently, to register to vote. You cannot now register in time for the May local elections, but you can for this coming general election (I've just checked on-line at the Government website). So, if not already on the register, I'd advise you do register as soon as possible, because I wouldn't be surprised to see that opportunity disappear soon in the current international climate of tyranny, so I'd also recommend you vote to end the growing single party state in Britain, a disunited kingdom... We need a coalition government that genuinely reflects all opinions in this country NOW!

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