Sunday, 27 September 2015

September Pier Update

Taken today (Sunday 27th September), and work carries on Sundays too, with workers spotted in the planned restaurant in the old pavilion! The waterproofing and insulation are now installed in the visitors centre, and battens are being added for the cladding; which is to be timber recycled from the old deck. 

Stainless steel features are to be added to the exterior of the visitors centre, together with a glass balustrade around the roof to provide protection from the wind, but still allowing for good views from the roof. Meanwhile, electric wiring and ventilation is being installed to the inside of the visitors centre.   

As reported before, the 100 year-old cast iron balustrade is being reinstated, having been repaired as required, and protected by 6 coats of marine grade paint! Trusses, deck beams and bracing continue to be restored/replaced further down the pier. 

For more information, see the Hastings Pier Charity website, the photograph above is reproduced thanks to them, cheers, and many thanks to Melvyn Creber for the middle photograph, copied from facebook, cheers to you too!    

Saturday, 26 September 2015

Stade Saturday 26th September, and...

The Stade Saturdays performances continue today with the Coal Porters! 

The Coal Porters formed in Los Angeles many years ago, and now are based in the UK (website). They are advertised as a British-American "alt-bluegrass" act, with fiddle, acoustic guitar, mandolin, banjo, doghouse bass, and four-part harmonies. The gig starts at 7.30pm; not a lot better than watching an accomplished act for nowt at the Stade, enjoy! 

See website for details of Stade Saturdays...   

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Seafood & Wine, plus more at Winkle Island!

Before the opening of the music/beer marquee...

The bar in the marquee!

Winkle Island became a paradise! ...

Winkle Island became busier...

Only guide dogs allowed... fair enough! 

Hmmm... choice!

And music!

I'll let the images say it all... 

Sunday, 20 September 2015

Teenage girl falls from West Hill cliff!

A young teenager, and her friend who went to help her, were airlifted from the West Hill following her fall (third fall this year?) earlier today. As far as I can see, they are both OK... Sirens were blaring quite a bit earlier, but all appears fine now... 

Good to here they are both OK, and well done again to our emergency services... Still very much proud to live in Hastings! 

With acknowledgement to Marcus for his photograph, cheers mate! 

Saturday, 19 September 2015

Seafood and Wine Festival at the Stade

After the more rowdy Friday 'Ska Night', the Seafood and Wine Festival continues down at the Stade this weekend, with seafood and wine, obviously, but also ales, music, and much more; see website for more details.  

One of the events being held at the Stade Hall in conjunction with the festival is a visit by 'celebrity chef' (I am informed!) Jean-Christophe Novelli on Saturday, 12.30-1.30pm, 2-3pm and 4-5pm, and on Sunday, 11-12pm, 1-2pm and 3-4pm. It does cost £5, but see what you get for your money: 1 hour demonstration and Question & Answer session, plus a free entry festival wristband for the weekend, festival glass and cookery book. There's a lot to be going on with!  

Friday, 18 September 2015

St Michael's Hospice Fabulously Vintage Fair

If you fancy a break this Saturday from Hastings Seafood and Wine Festival, or want to go there on Sunday, or just fancy a drive out, then this year, the St Michael's Hospice Fabulously Vintage Fair is being held in Bodiam on 19th from 10am to 4pm; see website.

Thursday, 17 September 2015

Plum Porter!

By Steve the Beermeister!

Whilst talking about real ales on this blog, I have to share the information that the "Gold" Champion Beer of Britain 2015 went on at the Dolphin at Rock-a-Nore this lunchtime. Titanic Plum Porter (4.9%) which has a fruity aroma that wafts straight up your nostrils! Fruity flavour too, as expected, and with a dry bitter finish, what an excellent beer to have on at the same time as the Seafood and Wine Festival over the road, cheers!  

Friday SKA Launch Party for Seafood & Wine Festival!

The Seafood & Wine Festival kicks off this year with a "Super-Ska Night" Launch Party this Friday evening, 18th September, from 7.30pm. This will be held in the marquee on the beach by the Lifeboat Station, for more information see website

I had a sneak peep into the marquee earlier today, the real ale bar itself is set up, though the ales, from 5 East Sussex brewers, still needed to be set up on stillage. 9 different ales from Hastings, FILO, Harveys, Burning Sky and Dark Star breweries. 

These are the ales, which will be set up by the time you read this! 

Hastings Session Pale (3.8%) and Pacific Wheat (4.7%); 
FILO Crofters Best Bitter (3.8%), Gold (4.8%), Old Town Tom (4.5%) and their annual festival special, Bourne Blonde (4%); 
Harveys Wild Hop (3.7%); 
Burning Sky Plateau (3.5%); and 
Dark Star Hophead (3.8%). 

With any luck, the ales will last out the weekend, but I can't guarantee that! For further information about the Seafood and Wine Festival itself, see website, and enjoy! 

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

75th anniversary of the Battle of Britain

75th anniversary (BBC). 

With many thanks to Marcus for these photographs, taken in Hastings today, and remembering those heroes from 1940, and since...

Monday, 14 September 2015

4 Shaven Heads, and a Hilter Moustache, for Charity!

John, Mick, Debby and Richard... before... 

Because Debby also donated her hair to charity for making a wig, she had to prepare for this a wee bit, so off upstairs now, looking relaxed...

Back downstairs, and her hair prepared in elastic bands.

First off, Mark (the landlord) showing precision skills with the shaver...

John looking pretty cool! 

Next up...

Mick looking a wee bit shocked, but it's done! 

Next, Richard, and having a laugh too, great joy!

He's done too...

Then to Debs, not quite so relaxed now; and Mark carefully cuts off the locks for Lou to place in a special plastic bag provided for the purpose  by the Charity. 

Mark decides to have a bit of fun...

And even more fun, the last of the Mohicans!

But no! He's carried on shaving her head.

Mark and Maureen provided the flowers; great support for all participants from a friendly crowd, we're proud of you Debs! 

Barman, Jason, felt out of the loop, having little hair anyway, but asked for his eyebrows to be shaved off...

Silly boy Pike! Mark decides to attack his beard too, fellow barman, Neil, draws false eyebrows, and Mark leaves him with a Hilter moustache (think Python). 

And the 5 afterwards, well done, and for a good local cause, nice one! 

A fair amount of money raised on the day, and a wee bit pledged to come in still, but I'll let you know when the final total is counted. Well done to these peeps, to the people of Hastings, and to a great community pub! 

Friday, 11 September 2015

Stade Saturday PLUS Coastal Currents continues...

Trevor Moss and Hannah-Lou will be playing at the Stade this Saturday 12th September from 7.30pm as part of the regular Stade Saturdays (website).

Of course, the Coastal Currents Arts Festival continues too! See website for further details of events.

FOUR heads being shaved at the Dolphin!

As I said recently, the 7 year-old daughter of a customer of the Dolphin Inn, Rock-a-Nore Road, has sadly been diagnosed with cancer recently. I am not publicising her name for privacy reasons, as you will appreciate. Whatever, the coming months are going to be a very tough journey for her, and for her family... 

Another 2 volunteers, Mick and John, have agreed to have their heads shaved, as well as the barmaid Debby (Debs) and another customer, Richard, to help raise money to provide the brave wee lass with a special treat or two in the near future, to help her through the difficult months ahead. If you wish to know anymore about this, please visit the Dolphin and talk to the landlord and landlady, Mark and Maureen, who can tell you more. 

Debby and the three gents will be having their heads shaved at the Dolphin this Sunday 13th September at 2pm. Please come along that afternoon and give them your support, and any further donations would be most welcome, many thanks! 

I addition, Debby is donating her hair to charity to kelp create a wig for a needy child.

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Lack of blogs...

Sorry for being quiet, but... it was my birthday yesterday, hence, well, stuff happened! 

I'll write more very soon, cheers! 

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Hastings Pier Update

The pre-fabricated timber structure for the new Visitor Centre on the Pier was erected quicker than planned for, taking less than 4 weeks. 280 panels were connected to construct the 40 metre long building. 

Before the final cladding is attached, the building is being waterproofed and insulated; the cladding to be made of recycled deck boards, with stainless steel features to match the existing pavilion. Also, the interior of the building is being fitted to create the education and digital archive function room, the planned shop and kitchen.

To the west of the existing pavilion, the refurbished 100 year-old cast iron balustrade is being reinstated. Also, trusses, deck beams and bracing is being replaced, as necessary, whilst work progresses towards the end of the pier.

See website for more information.   

Monday, 7 September 2015

Coastal Currents Arts Festival – Beach Huts!

I wandered down to Bulverhythe yesterday and came upon a part of the Coastal Currents Arts Festival at The Haven, Cinque Ports Way TN38 0FD, that is, in beach huts!  

This included hand printed textiles and felt work at Beach Hut 4, by Cara Hornett, Annika Jasse and Kate Dyer (I was a bit early, so not everything was set up yet, and not everyone here yet, so may well return next week, weather permitting).

See and    

I also popped into Beach Hut 10, to see the ceramic work of Andrew Topliss, paintings and ceramics by Andy Young, paintings by Mary Young, and cards by Rachel Tomlin.

The Beach Huts will again open next weekend, 12th and 13th September, probably best to go after 11.00, not the nearer to 09.00 when I visited yesterday!  

For more information of all associated events go to the festival website