Wednesday, 20 September 2017

More beach huts!

More beach huts east of the Pier?!? I've not seen anyone occupy those at St Leonards, west of the Azur Pavilion, opposite the Royal Victoria Hotel, yet, this year!

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

And yet more rail chaos coming! Hmmm...

Do you want to catch one of these trains on either the 3rd or 5th of October 2017? Well, you may not be able too, because, have a guess what?!? Yep, conductors, supported by the RMT union, are going on strike again... Why? Because they believe that trains, including 8 and 12 carriage trains, should have more than just one member of staff on board, and Southern Railway, ie the franchise owned by Govia Thameslink, think they only need one member of staff on board, and they are supported by the Government, and by taxpayers' money which funds the Government's battle against the unions (including the drivers' union Aslef)! More at this website.

Dear oh dear, when will we get a decent rail service?

Fishing from Hastings Pier

This morning 08.40, and, OK, it may not be obvious, but there, at the end of the Pier, are people fishing; sessions until the 1st of November 2017 are, Monday to Friday: 

Monday – Wednesday: 8 am-7pm
Thursday - Friday: 8am-10pm 

Rules are: 

Anglers to keep where they are fishing clean and tidy.
Take their rubbish home with them.
Wash down their fishing area with bucket & brush provided when they leave.
Sign in and pay at Paul's Tackle, 38 White Rock, TN34 1JL (tel: 01424 433404).
When entering the Pier before 10 am, entrance is through the West gate. Close the gate behind.
Overhead casting only, no pendulum casts.
When leaving the fishing area to obtain refreshments etc, all tackle must be removed from the water and hooks must be un-baited.
Use toilets provided.
No Radios, or portable stereos.
Alcohol prohibited.
No drugs.
No Smoking.
No unaccompanied under 16 year olds.
Catches to be dispatched in a humane manner.
No fish to be gutted on the pier.
Catches to be retained in bags or buckets, out of public view.
Bait cutting boards to be used at all times.
Anglers must agree to catch bag inspections, refusal will mean a ban.
Please weigh and photograph specimen or large fish, for pier records.
Duty Manager, bailiff or security guards decision is final.
Hastings Pier takes no responsibility, as fishing is carried out at own risk.

I hadn't realised fishing from the Pier had recommenced, there you go!

Sadly, a week ago...

Updating the sad news from a week ago today, and it has been difficult to confirm both events, but the Police appear to confirm that the body found in the woods by Croft Road was the 51 year-old local man who had been missing for a week (website). Also, I have found nothing in the news about the call-out of the emergency services which happened by the Aquarium in Rock-a-Nore Road on the same day, but have been told by a reliable source that this was for someone who had suffered a heart attack/cardiac arrest and who appears to have died whilst being given emergency treatment/CPR.

R.I.P. to both, and respect to our emergency services...

Saturday, 16 September 2017

Seafood & Wine Festival continues...


Okay, the Beermeister was let down by his contact at the FILO (obviously unforgiven), so, apologies for not providing the information I hoped to about the ales available (see previous blog), but I'm sure you already know better than me by now anyway! So, the 2017 Hastings Seafood & Wine Festival carries on anyway, see the internet.

This Sunday morning sees the return of the annual Jazz Breakfast with Liane Carroll & friends, another guided walk of the Stade, meeting up outside the Fishermen's Museum, Rock-a-Nore Road, at 11.00 am (website), and much much more, enjoy!

Friday, 15 September 2017

Hastings Seafood & Wine Festival 2017 this weekend!

OK, there's so much going on at the moment, what with Arts, Music and Fringe Festivals, but, this being Hastings, we've another festival this weekend, the 2017 Seafood & Wine Festival at The Stade! Obviously, seafood and wine, but so much more, tastings, cookery demonstrations, champagne breakfasts, music, and the usual mini-beer festival provided by the FILO Brewing Company, together with other local ales, ciders, lagers, and, of course, wine (the Beermeister hopes to be able to provide a list of the ales available asap, if possible I shall publish more details). Tickets for the festival are £2 in advance, cover both days, and can be bought at the Tourist Information Centre on the ground floor at Muriel Matters House, or bought 'on the door' for £3; the breakfast on Sunday costs more too, with entertainment, as usual, provided by internationally famed Liane Carroll. See website for further details.

And I apologise for the fuzziness of the above photograph, but it was very windy yesterday early morning, but this evening, in the 'music tent' at the Stade Beach, music kicks off the weekend with Super-Ska Night. OK, not as selective as this, and without the pressure or missing words, but here are samples of a band I saw many years ago (video and video), this is ska! Tickets are £8.50 in advance from the Tourist Information Centre at Muriel Matters House, or £10 on the door.

Enjoy the weekend!

Thursday, 14 September 2017

The Egg Hatches!

Today I noticed the Exbury Egg, down at Rock-a-Nore Road, with an open door, so, what did I do? Yep, I had to take a wee look inside, and it really is a tardis! SO much more room than looks possible from outside, like one of those small caravans I stayed in on holidays as a child, but with even more room inside...

So, what is happening? Well, today, they were making the inside appear as similar as possible to what it looked like when it was lived in by Stephen Turner for a year, a few years ago, and it is planned to be 'open' to the public, when feasible, from this Saturday until the 15th of October, when it ceases to be an exhibit (see my previous blog and see his website).  Indeed, everything comes from the egg!

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

A sad day in Hastings...

Around midday, 4 paramedic vehicles, 1 ambulance, 2 police cars, and an unmarked police car, heralded a problem down Rock-a-Nore Road, which appears to have been someone having a cardiac arrest... since, I have heard that a body has been found off Croft Road today, probably of a missing man from Hastings, not a great day, sadly...

Library closures?

It appears that more than a quarter of libraries in East Sussex will be closing, and the mobile library service will end... Details of the plans will be discussed at an East Sussex County Council cabinet meeting next week. Spokesman Nick Skelton said "significant cuts from central government" left them with "no choice".
Of course, there are opponents to any scheme to cut library services, including me of course. As a well-known song says 'Libraries gave us power' (A Design for Life), as in, knowledge is power, and the former children's laureate Chris Riddell joins me and urges the council to "think again".
Riddell asserts that "Rather than fewer libraries we need better resourced libraries, we need to cherish the libraries we have. If we lost them, the great tragedy is, we can never get them back."
The cuts have been estimated to make total savings of £653,000 a spokesperson from East Sussex County Council has said. Now, with the main Hastings Library being renovated and due to reopen next year, I imagine it is safe, but what about other library services in Hastings, including the Children's Library? Austerity cuts, hmmm...
Libraries should be saved and improved on, not closed!
See BBC website for more details.

Monday, 11 September 2017

Hastings from Hastings plays Hastings!

What am I going on about? Well, actor Matt Hastings, from Hastings, East Sussex, is going to be playing the character Lord Hastings in William Shakespeare's play Richard III at The Cockpit, Gateforth Street, London NW8 8EH (website), near Edgware Road and Marylebone railway stations, 12th October to 4th November 2017. 

Lord Hastings, by the way, is one of the many characters who may well come more than a cropper in this play of intrigue, power play, murder and battle, with Shakespeare following the fortunes of the House of York...

Friday, 8 September 2017

Another Busy Weekend in Hastings!

Hastings Music Month 2017, 8th September to 31st October (website), kicks off today with the 3-day Beano on the Sea event at Hastings Pier, including this evening one of my favourite bands of the Britpop era, with Great Things expected of Echobelly, Black Grape, and Embrace (see the Pier's website for further details and acts on Saturday and Sunday), shame about the forecast weather!

Hastings Fringe during September (website or see their facebook page) intermingles with Music Month, and the Coastal Currents Arts Festival (website): Burlesque at The Printworks Saturday 9th, theatre, film, dancing, and even more music!

Of course there are the usual events and places to see, including the penultimate Old Hastings Preservation Society (OHPS) 2017 guided walk of Hastings Old Town this Saturday 9th September, which meets up by the top of the West Hill lift at 2.30pm, with a wealth of historic buildings, twittens and cat-creeps to explore in the old town. The walk proceeds gently downhill, but there are a number of steps to manage too; see their website, which also gives details of their Stade Walks this Saturday and Sunday, meeting at 11.00 both days, outside the Fishermen's Museum in Rock-a-Nore Road, for a fascinating tour of Hastings Fishing Quarter.

The walks lasts about 2 hours and 90 minutes respectively, and are provided free of charge, though the OHPS would be grateful for all donations given to them or to Hastings Fishermen's Museum, many thanks. It's worth wearing comfortable walking shoes, obviously, and the forecast suggests it will be bright, certainly on Saturday, though maybe some rain on Sunday, so do be suitably prepared and enjoy the weekend! 

Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Wooden Egg-shaped Houseboat lands in Rock-a-Nore Road!

The Exbury Egg arrived in Rock-a-Nore Road yesterday, landing by the Jerwood Gallery. Artist, Stephen Turner lived on the egg in Exbury, Hampshire, for a year between 2013-14, and since then it appears to have been travelling the country as an exhibit, and now is in Hastings.
Stephen, helped by architect Wendy Perring, designed the houseboat as a means to 'explore the nature of the landscape and the meaning of place' in a time of environmental change, and the 6 metres long and 3.5 metres wide egg was built by boat builder Paul Baker. 
It's now time for Hastings folk to appreciate the project!

Tuesday, 5 September 2017

OHPS Old Town Guided Walk this afternoon.

The last Old Hastings Preservation Society (OHPS) 2017 Tuesday guided walk of Hastings Old Town, the "premier ancient Cinque Port," meets up by the top of the West Hill lift at 2.30pm; though please note there are still two similar walks planned for Saturdays 5th September and 14th October. There is a wealth of historic buildings, twittens and cat-creeps to explore in the old town, and the volunteer guide will explain why celebrities of their day have, and still do, flock to Hastings. The walk will proceed gently downhill, but be careful, because there are a number of steps to manage too. The walk lasts about 2 hours and is provided free of charge, though the OHPS would be grateful for all donations given, many thanks; see their website.

It's worth wearing comfortable walking shoes, obviously, and the forecast suggests it will probably be dry and bright, but there may be showers before and after the walk, so do be suitably prepared! 

Enjoy the afternoon! 

Monday, 4 September 2017

Coastal Communities worst off?

A BBC report, by the Social Market Foundation, has found that coastal communities in Britain are "among the country's worst off for earnings, employment, health and education..." Indeed, they found that 85% of coastal local authorities have pay levels below the national average, and Hastings is named among the 10 local authorities in the country to have the highest unemployment rate; see website.

Not really surprising information, particularly noting how Government since 2010 has reduced investment in Hastings annually. Will we get anything helpful out of the Government's latest 'sticking plaster' - the Coastal Communities Fund, or is the Government going to continue reducing funds paid to Hastings? Don't hold your breath!

Southern Railway: Industrial Action Today Reminder!

As I said on Friday, here's another reminder that Southern Railway conductors (RMT union) are striking today, so don't be surprised by industrial action; see the Southern Railway website for advice if you do need to use their services today.

Saturday, 2 September 2017

Busy busy busy Weekend!

The 2017 Hastings & St Leonards Coastal Currents Arts Festival (website) is now on for the month until the 1st of October. Because there is so much happening, I am providing links to the website, but for what's on today, 2nd September, go to here, and remember, many events are on for many days and/or weekends.

Meanwhile, the Pier nears the end of the school holiday season, and please remember that new opening times start from Monday the 4th (previous blog), but today, Saturday 2nd, from 5pm, is the Hastings Pier Jam Part 2: The Closing Party (website). Also, tomorrow (3rd), linked with the Arts Festival is the private launch of 'Wavelength' by Zeroh (website) in the Pavilion, sign up for an invitation on the website.

Enjoy the weekend!

Friday, 1 September 2017

Possible Harbour Development at Rock-a-Nore

I'm not sure how quickly the rumours got around, but no, it is not April the 1st, but Hastings Borough Council really has confirmed that it is considering the possibility of developing a harbour, housing and transport improvements in the Old Town. Council leader, Peter Chowney, has stated “We have been approached by Hastings Harbour Quarter Ltd., a company specially formed for the purpose... The scheme is at a very early stage, but it has potentially very significant benefits for the town, including a new marina providing moorings, boat storage facilities and support services; around 1000-1300 new homes; a protected launching and landing site for our fishing fleet; and transport improvements to the area..." 
Work going on today on the current Harbour Arm

"But these are very early days, and we will debate the principle of the work at our cabinet meeting on 11th September. That meeting will not commit the council to anything, other than to develop a strategic outline case for the development. This will cover many areas, including the initial business case; a marine assessment; transport and access planning; an assessment of the implications on public space; the SSSI and sustainability; initial 3D mapping; legal advice; financial modelling; and, of course, engagement with the local community."

The Plan

Indeed, the local community will need to be engaged properly, and listened to. Already, I have seen online comments about whether this is the best place for a new development, car parking issues, some of which still need to be sorted out concerning the old Ice House/Roebuck Surgery, Rock-a-Nore Road traffic issues, shouldn't any future benefits be shared across Hastings, not just placed on old town business plates? 

Anyway, it's interesting, indeed! If you have access to facebook, there is more written on this issue at the HBC page.

Oh yes, and I'm standing up for Amber Rudd too...

I presume most people who read this blog will have already received a letter from Arron Banks, as the chair of Leave.EU, a right-winger with much too much money, it appears... In the past he bankrolled the Ukip, then, and now, he bankrolled Leave.EU, in fact, he's the biggest ever political donor in Britain! Anyhow, not understanding what 'representative democracy' means, it appears, he's trying to talk us all into joining the local Conservative & Unionist Party so that we can de-select the Home Secretary before the next general election! 

Well, I may not agree with many of the policies our MP supports, indeed, I try not to be blatantly political in my blogs, but, surely, genuine members of the Conservative & Unionist Party, who have paid up their subs for years, chose her to represent the Tories at the last couple of elections, and the Hastings & Rye electorate chose her to represent the constituency at the last 2 general elections. Isn't it up to those people to decide whether she should win the seat again at the next general election, not some rich xenophobe who doesn't even live in the constituency? 

Also, the letter is full of errors, notably that "52% of the electorate" - "voted to leave the European Union" - Indeed, 51.89% of those who could be bothered to vote did vote to leave the European Union, and, remember, many people were disenfranchised for the referendum, but the actual percentage of the electorate who voted to leave the EU was 37.1%, and only 26.5% of the British population. 

The other error that stands out significantly is that we vote for MPs to represent the whole of the country, not just those people who voted for them; they are meant to work in the best interests of all, and, whatever our MP is doing, we must assume that she is doing it in the best interest of the whole country, as she sees it and believes is correct, whether we agree with her or not. So, the people of Hastings & Rye chose her as an MP, it should be up to the people of Hastings & Rye to either re-elect her or not at the next general election, not Arron Banks!

So much to say! Starting with...

OK, not such a surprise, but Penzance, once again failed to beat the Hastings record of 14,231 pirates in one place/on the beach (report), apparently by 77, never mind Kernow, you can always try again, and again, and again... 😉 

Photograph above of pirates drinking in a Hastings pub!

Hastings Lifeboats Launch

If you have a facebook account, you can see this video of the launch of both boats in the exercise earlier this week, and please 'like' their page too!

Southern Railway Strike today and on Monday

RMT union Conductors are walking out on strike again today, Friday 1st September, and on Monday 4th September, in their long dispute (I've written many blogs over the past year plus!) with Southern Railway/Govia Thameslink. For details of alternative travel arrangements organised by Southern, who believe most trains on their rearranged timetable will be running, can be found at their website.

Incidentally, there are similar strikes with Arriva Rail North and Merseyrail too.

Thursday, 31 August 2017

Hastings Central Library Update.

Sorry, if the headline excited you, but not great news, yet... The library in Claremont, due to extra work being required, will not be reopening this year, but should be open again in the Spring of 2018 (website). Meanwhile, the Children's Library in Robertson Passage will continue to be the port of call in the town centre...

Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Hastings Pier Food & Drink, plus new opening times.

I wandered onto the Pier t'other day, quite beautiful weather, and decided to investigate the food and beverage facilities, now that the Hastings Pier Charity has taken over running the catering facilities in the Pavilion and on the Upper Deck Bar & Terrace, and it all looks pretty good indeed. This isn't about the food, as I haven't eaten there yet, but I did like the look of the breakfast menu (more of very soon, I imagine), and other menus, and the fish & chip bar at this end of the Pavilion (in my photograph) is providing typical seaside fare of course; oh yes, and locally sourced produce is used, including freshly caught fish from the Hastings Fishing Industry down at the Stade.  It is still very early days, of course, having only taken over catering since the beginning of July, but I was assured that things will only get better! See website.

Facilities include the bars, of course, ale from East Sussex brewer Harveys, including their own bottled ale (and I do know what it is!), a good wine list, and hot and cold soft drinks. It does look good too inside, and with the side of the Pavilion open in the lovely weather, as not too much wind on this day, though it is amazing the protection you get from the glass up on the Upper Deck when there is a strong wind! 

Oh yes, new opening times of the Pier from Monday 4th September: 
Sunday to Wednesday 10am to 7pm
Thursday to Saturday 10am to 10pm

The Deck Building and shop will be open 10am to 5pm every day.

Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Guided Old Town Walk this afternoon.

This afternoon, please do join the Old Hastings Preservation Society (OHPS) for their regular Tuesday guided walk of Hastings Old Town, the "premier ancient Cinque Port," which will meet up by the top of the West Hill lift at 2.30pm. The old town has a wealth of historic buildings, twittens and cat-creeps to explore, and you will find out why celebrities of their day, eg the Pre-Raphaelites, flocked to Hastings. Indeed, contemporary celebrities still do flock to Hastings! A volunteer guide will be leading the walk, which shall proceed gently downhill, but, do be careful, because there are not a few steps to manage too. The walk will last about 2 hours and is provided free of charge, though the OHPS would be very grateful for all donations given, many thanks; see their website.

It's worth wearing comfortable walking shoes, obviously, and the forecast suggests a gorgeous clear blue sky, so you may well need to add the Factor 50, if your skin is anything like mine! 

Do enjoy your afternoon! 

A Reply... One Year On!

I was told by our Member of Parliament's Office Manager, Dr Louise Sargent, on the 15th of August 2016 that, in response to my missive to Amber Rudd MP (see my blog of 15th of August last year), "Amber... will write to you as soon as possible." 

Well, a year later, she has now written to me, inviting me to the Hastings Rail Summit 2017 in October, where, I am advised, there will be presentations from Rail Minister, Paul Maynard MP, Govia Thameslink Railway (who operate Southern), Southeastern Railway, Network Rail, Transport for the South East, and South East Local Enterprise Partnership. Of course, I've taken up the invitation!

It will be interesting to see if the Southern fiasco is sorted out by then...

Sunday, 27 August 2017

Hastings Underground

Hastings Underground, this afternoon, at the East Hastings Sea Angling Association, opposite the Lifeboat Station at the Stade; see website.

Friday, 25 August 2017

Bank Holiday Weekend & Hastings Pier

OK, the bank holiday weekend starts off this evening on Hastings Pier, with a Boyzone gig, and I really do know two people who are going (a friend's wife and daughter), and no doubt at least a couple more... but shouldn't they now be called Olderboyzone? Anyway, see website for further information, though I doubt there'll be more than a hundred or five hundred tickets left...

Getting ready earlier today

And so much more! The Summer Marquee continues with daily events until the end of the month, as does the Pirate Trail, Ocean Colour Scene are playing, and a 'mod spectacular' (my words), tomorrow the 26th, plus their own restaurant and refreshment facilities, and much more, well, go to the Pier's website for further event information!

Thursday, 24 August 2017

The "Ice House" - Democracy wins!

Great to read one of the local councillors, Dawn Poole's post last night, : "Have just spoken at this evening's planning committee in support of the application for a GP's surgery in the Ice House. Despite planning officers recommending refusal the committee listened to myself and the chair of HOTRA and voted to allow the application and a state of the art surgery be built for old town residents. Still work to do to improve accessibility but a huge achievement for local residents."

Congratulations to HOTRA and to Dawn, nice one! 👍

Irresponsible Cyclists... The Law's coming for you, hopefully!

Let's see, the plagues of anti-social Hastings includes dog owners who don't pick up their dog's excrement, irresponsible cyclists, oh yes, and gulls! Gulls' behaviour is unlikely to ever change, though people should stop feeding them, simples, but... It takes the loss of innocent pedestrians' lives (BBC) to change cyclists' behaviour, it appears. For goodness sake, there's a road to the left of these cyclists, above, and a cycle path over to the right, yet they're riding on the pavement, which the Law says is unlawful: "Rule 64 - You MUST NOT cycle on a pavement." (Government website).

Monday, 21 August 2017

Tuesday 22nd of August...

Tomorrow afternoon, Tuesday 22nd August, if you're free, please do join the Old Hastings Preservation Society (OHPS) for their regular Tuesday walking tour of Hastings Old Town, the "premier ancient Cinque Port." They'll be meeting up by the top of the West Hill lift at 2.30pm. The old town has a wealth of historic buildings, twittens and cat-creeps to explore, and you will find out why celebrities of their day, eg the Pre-Raphaelites, flocked to Hastings. Indeed, contemporary celebrities still do flock here! A volunteer guide will be leading the walk, which shall proceed gently downhill, but, do be careful, because there are steps to manage during the walk. The walk will last about 2 hours and is provided free of charge, though, obviously, the OHPS would be very grateful for all donations given, many thanks, see their website.

It's worth wearing comfortable walking shoes, obviously, and the forecast suggests reasonable weather, so do enjoy the afternoon! 

Then, during the evening starting at 9pm, will be the regular Tuesday music played by the Tune Raiders at the Dolphin Inn, 11-12 Rock-a-Nore Road, TN34 3DW. They play non-vocal Irish folk music, mainly, what is know locally as 'fiddly dee' music, or is that 'diddly dee?' Of course, we all know that Hastings has a wealth of free music venues to visit on most days, so it's always well worth a wander round town, particularly the old town to seek out live music. Enjoy your evening too!

Southern Rail? Yes, more strikes planned!

Conductors on Southern Railway, as well as on Arriva Rail North and Merseyrail, are planning to strike on Friday the 1st and Monday the 4th of September (Merseyrail workers will also be walking out on Sunday the 3rd of September).
The action still relates to planned changes to give drivers more responsibility, opening and closing the doors of train carriages, with some services staffed only by a sole member of staff, the driver, as Southern and their Govia Thameslink owners, seek to gradually dispense of guards on trains. 
The RMT general secretary Mick Cash asserts that the conductors' union, the RMT, is "bitterly disappointed that Southern Rail have rejected our call for round-table discussions involving all parties with an interest in resolving this dispute. The failure to get those talks moving following our face-to-face meeting with Transport Secretary Chris Grayling has left us no option but to call further action." 
Southern Rail have, apparently, made no comment on the announcement, and no notice of these days of industrial action is mentioned on their website to date. Meanwhile, there is no obvious news of the train drivers' union, Aslef, returning to industrial action, yet... See BBC website.
Will we ever get a decent service from Hastings? 

Friday, 18 August 2017

John Hodges - An Apology from me.

Most people who know me will appreciate that I've missed John Hodges since he died last year (blog), and I wasn't even that close to him, but he influenced my life greatly. 

I miss watching and listening to him at Hastings Borough Council meetings, where he tore apart the rhetoric of others, I miss his welcoming me to those meetings, I miss his great knowledge of the history and politics of Hastings, I miss that I could go to him and he would tell me the reality behind what was going on, whether to do with Ecclesbourne Glen, the Winch Road, the Foreshore Trust, whatever. I miss we could talk about pubs and beer, that he used to provide me with his own articles for my blogs, and that I could use his knowledge to write blogs myself. I miss that I don't have him to pass on beer mats and pumpclips to, a hobby I could help him with, indeed, I hardly gave back much.

So I apologise to those who misinterpreted my use of his image regarding my last blog; his image was meant to represent "democracy" plain and simple, but some thought I shouldn't have used it when 'corruption' was in the reference. I can appreciate how that must have felt to some people, it wasn't my purpose.

I wanted to encourage people to ignore rumours and gossip, and to gain 'informed' knowledge, go to Council meetings, read the minutes, talk to your councillors, don't just accept gossip at face value, particularly as many gossipers have their own agendas. See democracy in action, find out why decisions are made, that, despite decisions apparently going against local residents, eg Ecclesbourne Glen and the Jerwood Gallery, there may well be good reasons, but these shouldn't be kept secret. We have a good council in Hastings, that does what it can despite annual reductions in it's income, thanks to 'austerity measures' from on high, and I'm including that councillors of all political persuasions should be used to discover the truths. I'll shut up for now...

John Hodges R.I.P.

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

The Ice House, Health Centre or Waste of Space?

OK, I'm sure those who are living there now may disagree it's a waste of space, but, no-one wants to buy, or rent, the ground floor space in Rock-a-Nore Road, except doctors from the Roebuck Surgery... Hastings Borough Council Planning Committee will be considering the Health Centre application at 6pm on Wednesday 23rd of August at Muriel Matters House. 1,675 signatures were collected on a petition in support of the proposal by local GP, Craig Namvar MD, but Borough Council planning officers are opposing (back-handers of some sort?) and have recommended refusal to the Planning Committee. It may be interesting to go along and observe 'local democracy' in action, and perhaps see whether councillors will ignore the strength of local opinion.

John Hodges is sorely missed by constituents, a local councillor who cared for Hastings, we'll see what happens... but is there some sort of corruption here?  😢

Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Hastings Museum 125th Anniversary Party, Wednesday 16th August!

Hastings Museum and Art Gallery celebrates its 125th anniversary this Wednesday, 10am to 4pm, with a 'free' event and activities for all the family to enjoy. This includes crafts, printing, Punch and Judy, Victorian games, tombola and miniature railway rides. There will also be a chance to see the Classic Cycle Group and 'Happy Harold' the trolleybus. "Victorian dress is encouraged" - see website.

Either bring a packed lunch and stay all day, or enjoy tea and cake, at a reasonable price, in an especially decorated tent. The formal opening ceremony will be recreated at 3.30pm. However, please note that parking will not be available at the Museum, though parking is available nearer the front, or it's just a short walk up the hill (Bohemia Road) from the town centre, or from the seafront opposite the Pier. 

There is also a 'special trail' available for children throughout the summer holidays. Follow the trail and answer the questions to receive a small birthday gift from the Museum. Of course, Hastings Museum and Art Gallery will have its usual exhibits on view, and I am planning to make a visit soon and write another blog; see website.

Pizza, yet again!

When I returned to Hastings on Sunday evening, I couldn't really be bothered to cook, so I returned to the Oregano Leaf in Queens Road for my tea/dinner/supper (delete as you believe appropriate), and I've said before, in a blog in December, how good and what good value the pizzas are from here! The oven itself isn't green anymore, as you can see from the photograph, so I thought I would share this too, delicious! 😋

Tuesday 15th - Walking and Listening to Music (later)

This afternoon, Tuesday 15th August, if you're free, please join with the Old Hastings Preservation Society (OHPS) for their regular Tuesday walking tour of Hastings Old Town, the "premier ancient Cinque Port" - meeting up at 2.30pm by the top of the West Hill lift. In the old town is a wealth of historic buildings, twittens and cat-creeps to explore; you will also find out why celebrities of their day, eg the Pre-Raphaelites, flocked to Hastings. Indeed, contemporary celebrities still do! A volunteer guide will lead the walk, which proceeds gently downhill, but, be careful, there are steps to manage here and there. The walk lasts about 2 hours and is provided free, but the OHPS would be very grateful for all donations given, many thanks, see their website.

It's worth wearing comfortable walking shoes, obviously, and, as the forecast suggests a light rain shower at 2pm, a shower-proof jacket or umbrella may well be handy (it doesn't look too strong a wind). Enjoy the afternoon!

Then, this evening from 9pm, there is the regular band, the Tune Raiders, playing mostly non-vocal Irish folk music, known as 'fiddly dee' locally, at the Dolphin Inn, Rock-a-Nore Road. Of course, Hastings has a wealth of free music venues most days, so most evenings it's worth a wander round town. The photograph above was taken on Pirate Day from the Stacey Marie RX134 (facebook), opposite the Dolphin. Enjoy your evening too!

Sunday, 13 August 2017

Just returned, did you miss me?

I've been away for a few days, visiting friends int' frozen North, and staying at specific friends' public house and hotel (Brigitte and Tom). My alter ego will write more soon about the wonderful ales imbibed, mostly at less than £3 a pint, cheers!