Saturday, 29 April 2017

Saturday, Sunday...

I'll write again tomorrow about Monday and its events, from the Pier of the Year to the Fishermen's Museum, from whence the Jack will emerge at 10.15... Meanwhile, the Pier continues with its usual activities, and tomorrow will see Morris Dancing on the Pier (website), as a friend posted on facebook earlier, "The bells, the dreaded, unavoidable bells will be heard all over the town." 

Which leads us to the Jack in the Green festivities themselves (website), with, yes you've guessed correctly, even more Morris Dancing, today (Saturday) at Winkle Island from 12 noon until about 4pm, music all over the place, the annual 'special service' at St Clements Church tomorrow at 10am, and the "Drum Off" at Butlers Gap, also tomorrow, at 4.30pm.

So, all this, in addition to the usual Hastings musical, and other, events, and building up to May Day, and... Well, have a good sleep tomorrow night, I'll be down at Rock a Nore by 9am to witness the growing crowds and dressing up, not to mention the arrival of thousands of motorbikes at the Pelham Beach car park, and to drink a few ales!

Remember, drinking from glass is banned in the old town during the festivities on Monday, so be prepared to drink out of plastic, or, more sensibly, bring your own pewter tankard like I shall, cheers!

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