Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Yet More Rail Chaos to Come!

Members of the Aslef union (drivers) have rejected the second deal in the long-running dispute over driver-only operated trains on Southern Railway, voting by 372 votes (51.8%) to 346 (48.2%) against the proposed deal, see Aslef website.
Aslef General secretary Mick Whelan said: "We understand and support the decision arrived at in a democratic vote." Govia Thameslink Railway (Southern's owners) said it was "hugely disappointing..." 
With Aslef re-joining the fray, and the RMT (conductors) still in it, and in other areas of the country too, we can expect even more disruption of our local railways, nice to live in Hastings, indeed, at least we have South Eastern to use if we want to travel afar (cars and coaches notwithstanding, of course!), thank you Government!

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