Monday, 24 April 2017

Time to sort out Southern Railway?

Is now the time to sort out the mess that is Southern Railway? The BBC report (website) that talks are re-starting to sort out the mess, oops, I mean, to resolve the year-long industrial dispute; it has been a YEAR now, poor long-suffering rail passengers! 

A spokesperson for Southern said: "We're pleased to be meeting the RMT in a bid to try and find a route forward to end their dispute." 

Whilst the RMT General Secretary, Mick Cash, said: "The union welcomes the opportunity to engage with Southern rail in further talks.
"We expect there to be no efforts to undermine these important talks from other parties and that they will be allowed to take place free from external interference." 

Maybe there will now be no further 'efforts to undermine' the talks, being as the Government should now be concentrating on campaigning for the general election, and so should not have the time to interfere (see my blog of last year); unless Peter Wilkinson is given the duty of keeping up the 'good fight' of course! Anyway, fingers crossed...
PS. Amber Rudd never did reply to me! (See blog).

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