Sunday, 9 April 2017

Good Sad News...

Down at Rock-a-Nore yesterday I was expecting to enjoy one of Pat & Tush's Fishermen's Rolls, but they weren't there! Though, as you can see from the flying red ensign, the Fishermen's Museum was open, now back to its summer opening times until 31st October; ie 10am to 5pm; see website for further details of this excellent museum run by the registered charity, the Old Hastings Preservation Society.

So, why good news, well, I was wondering aloud to Johnny Swan that Pat and Tush were missing out on sales on this wonderful day, maybe they were saving stock for Sunday and an even nicer day forecast? Hadn't I heard, asked Johnny, they've retired! So, good news for them, retiring, but bad news for us, as the end of an institution, the Fishermen's Roll, here's one made earlier in my life, thanks for the memories...and have a great retirement, though I'd be surprised if they retire completely! 😉


  1. Pat & Tush retiring was news last year and all over local Facebook pages.

  2. Have to laugh, I obviously don't look at the same facebook pages, and it certainly was news to me... Working down at Rock-a-Nore Road recently, and I keep on seeing Tush and his pick-up flying around, and all we ever say to each other is "morning!" and "OK, how's the Cyril & Lilian Bishop going?". No wonder Johnny Swan laughed when I talked to him the other day, I just thought he was joking with me! Cheers Jim, obviously not in that loop!