Friday, 21 October 2016

A much quieter weekend to come...

Well, it'll be a much quieter weekend than of late, though the fireworks last Saturday could have been much more impressive, as weather conditions meant that some of the more spectacular fireworks available couldn't be set off, oh dear... The trains should be back to their usual self, as in, just unreliable rather than rare, and the regular attractions remain, of course, eg museums, parks, castle, aquarium, etc etc... and music et al in pubs like the Dolphin Inn, for example, Friday and Saturday evenings, and the Pier:

From the Pier you can fish all weekend, with the required bookings, of course, all day plus night fishing tonight (Friday) and Saturday; see my earlier blog regarding more complete details. In addition, the Pier is hosting exhibitions and family science workshops over the weekend, see their website

Whatever you do, have a good weekend!

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