Saturday, 15 October 2016

This Day in 1066, Edgar becomes King!

Just to confuse matters, on this day in 1066, Edgar the Ætheling was pronounced King of England, indeed, he was the last in the line of Saxon Kings of England, being the last male descendant in direct line from Edmund Ironside (Edmund II). 

Although he was never crowned, Edgar was King until 10th December 1066, when William the Bastard (as he was known in those days) had him taken into custody. Indeed, Edgar should have been King since January 1066, but, because he was young and war was being faced, Harold Godwinson had been chosen as King by the Witenagemot., the council (Wise Men) of the Anglo-Saxon Kings of England for more than 400 years...

Edgar escaped capture in 1068, and led a very eventful life, living into his 70s. Looking him up is well worth the read; eg see this website.

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