Sunday, 9 October 2016

A wee walk to Cooden Beach...

Yesterday, my brother and I had a wee stroll to Cooden Beach and back, remarkably warmer than we thought it should have been walking there, less so coming back! We went onto Hastings Pier and enjoyed a coffee, and shared a Topic bar, sitting right at the end of the Pier, watching a few sea anglers fishing off the west side; more of the fishing in another blog soon, and some exciting catches having been made! However, also on our way, we noticed the peripatetic beach huts had left their summer site in front of the Royal Victoria Hotel, and again found them, here, at their winter resting place!

And, a big cheers to the skills of the cellar manager at the Cooden Tavern, part of the 1931 built Cooden Beach Hotel, built for the same gentleman, Earl De La Warr, who sponsored the construction of the rather splendid De la Warr Pavilion in nearby Bexhill, whilst he was mayor of Bexhill in 1935 (website). More about the ale itself, brewed by East Sussex brewer, Long Man, can be read at the Beermeister blog.

Then we walked back home...

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