Thursday, 13 October 2016

Fishing from the Pier

I happened to meet Paul (from Paul's Tackle) by chance yesterday, when walking up on the West Hill, who told me that 17 people (I seem to remember, though I didn't actually make a note at the time, but it was either 17 or 18!) fished from the Pier over Saturday night, and had a fair catch, including many mackerel... This didn't surprise me as, on our way back from Bexhill, walking along the seafront on Saturday, we saw 2 young lads pulling in 3-5 mackerel each time, fishing from the beach near St Leonards, I have no idea what they were going to do with so many fish, but they were highly successful!

Also, not long ago, I had seen Paul at his shop and he had described the good catches from another night session, when a group of lads had caught 3 bass between them, each of 7lbs plus! Also caught were a 2.5lbs sole,  3lb rays, whiting, and mackerel. For details of October fishing from the Pier, go to an earlier blog; you'll note that there won't be night fishing this Saturday though (15th October), due to another event...

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