Saturday, 15 October 2016

950 Years Celebrations: photographs earlier today...

The bonfire pile on the beach earlier this morning, and Saxon and Norman figures present, but why is there a St George's Cross there?

I did suggest a Longboat...

FILO bar: putting up the beers

2 Special beers from FILO Brewing Company for the anniversary, Harold's Ale and the darker, spicy William's Wallop (4.5%), a very tasty beer with hints of mace and ginger.

The paler golden Harold's Ale (4.2%) tastes much stronger than the suggested ABV, with plenty of body, a grapefruit citrus flavour and a nice dry bitter finish.

Oh yes, and the Saxons had arrived!

A bit later, and it had brightened up, with a pretty decent band over there on the stage!

And this looks even more like a longboat, we'll see what goes on top of it!

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