Saturday, 16 July 2016

Pirate Day 2016

As current holders, we shan't be going for the record of most pirates on the beach this year, however, this Sunday is Pirate Day, with much better weather forecast this year, and it is 'officially' organised this time, with associated events from the Pier to Rock-a-Nore, including a procession between Hastings Pier and the Stade Open Space (website), indeed, at Priory Meadow, Saturday and Sunday, there will be children's workshops, a treasure hunt, face painting and goody bags, though, probably not for adults! 

On Hastings Pier there will be organised various associated events from 10-10.30 on Sunday (website), and there's more fun all over Hastings, at Pelham Beach, in the town centre, at Butler's Gap, the Stade, White Rock Theatre, and I'm sure most public houses will have music, not to mention grog and other beverages available...

More swashbuckling fun will be had up at Hastings Castle and the Smugglers Adventure on the West Hill, and down at the Blue Reef Aquarium in Rock-a-Nore Road, with pirate workshops, flag designing classes, and much more fun (website), indeed fun for all the family, enjoy the weekend! 


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