Saturday, 30 July 2016

Carnival Kicks Off!

As previously said, the tug-o-war starts the festivities, and the rope is already placed before the RNLI Lifeboat Station early doors...

Teams are already thirst quenching before they tackle each other, here, the Dolphin team discuss tactics opposite RX134, Stacey Marie, and, coincidentally...

They were the first team knocked out, though after giving a good performance against the much heavier McKimmie B team, but going down 0-2. The McKimmie A team went on to win in the final against the Anchor.

The first women's bout was between the McKimmie women's team, who lost to the Anchor, who went on to tug against themselves in the final, where the Anchor Black team beat the Anchor Animals.

And the Home Secretary was seen, together with some men with hearing aids, and lumpy clothing, presumably her bodyguards!

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