Saturday, 2 July 2016

This Weekend on the Pier

Yesterday, after visiting the Museum and Art Gallery (more of very soon), I wandered down to the Pier, bought a bottle of their beer brewed by Harveys, then was perusing the menu and decided to have something to eat... Not being the richest person in Hastings, I rarely eat out, but, it was a bit damp and windy, so, why not dip into my resources, and I had been told by a friend that their menu is quite reasonably priced, and good quality too, so who was I to argue unless I ate there?

So, I ordered their Chicken Liver and Brandy Pate with Quince Paste, and Char-Grilled Baguette for £7, to be served a large portion of a very tasty pate (sorry Vegetarians, but I do like pate made from chicken livers), the 'paste' was a nice thick jus, quite tart, which went well with the richness of the pate, and the butter seemed superfluous to me, but I suppose many people would prefer butter. I'll be back to eat here again, no doubt!

Oh yes, and the funfair continues on Hastings Pier until the 28th of this month, and tomorrow (3rd July) there will be a Science on Sea Family Workshop with Blast Science from 11.00; see their website for further information. 

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