Sunday, 24 July 2016

Wines, Books, and Beer!

I'd thought for a while now that something Hastings was missing is a good quality off licence, selling decent wines and beers, not just specialising in one or the other, and we have got one, and, thanks to a wee chat I had with Becky, who works at Hastings Museum & Art Gallery, whilst I was admiring the Turner painting up there (recently reported on this blog), I discovered Borough Wines, Beers and Books exists in Robertson Street; American Pale Ales in the America Ground, indeed! 

Now, for many of you, no doubt, this does not come as news, because it's been there for nearly a year! So, how did I miss this? Well, I'll use as my excuse, that I rarely walk down Robertson Street at times they would be open, as I tend to walk down there early doors, and I'll stick to that... anyway, better late than never! Wine? Well, they even sell it by refilling your 'bottle', indeed!

Plus they sell a good selection of already filled wine bottles, and, a dream of mine is having my own pub with a book shop attached, this is an off licence with a book shop within, as you can see here! There are a couple over half a dozen Borough shops in London, one of my favourite areas of London, actually, Borough Market, and expanding to have our very own one down here in Hastings (website).

And, of course, beers! There is a very interesting selection of local beers, as well as beers from around the UK, and, indeed, many from abroad. I, on my first visit, bought a couple of cans (!?!) of beer, both incredibly delicious, a grapefruit pale ale, High Wire from Magic Rock brewery, and a 'blood orange' IPA, Bloody 'ell, from Beavertown brewery; more about the beers at the Beermeister blog.

I'll be back soon!

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