Thursday, 14 July 2016

Seaside Tsar?

Will Hastings really need a Seaside Tsar, I don't think so, despite the British Hospitality Association wanting one, now that we're leaving the EU, and the Euro being much stronger than the £sterling? Surely more Europeans are likely to come over here for cheaper holidays, and, with the very likely increase in costs to travel abroad to come for us, surely more Brits are likely to have their holidays at the British seaside in future!

The Nearby Amsterdam wreck.

And look at just some of what we have to offer...

For more details of what the British Hospitality Association say go to link.  

Looking up at the West Hill.

It looks pretty rosy, looking up at the East Hill from Rock-a-Nore, and it should look rosy for Hastings tourist-wise, an opportunity that shouldn't be missed!

If there's any money going around, pass it to us, local people should get the chance to spend any extra money available, local people know better than some faceless bureaucrat, rather than keep reducing your annual contributions towards our council, pretty please!

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