Wednesday, 3 May 2017

You no longer have a Member of Parliament!

With the dissolution of Parliament at 00.01 hours this morning, you no longer have a Member of Parliament; see Parliamentary website for more details.

We now have entered the General Election campaign proper! Whatever your political opinions, or lack of, this could well be the most important decision made on behalf of the British public, you and your children, and their children and their progeny. Don't listen to the spoutings of any candidate without remembering what YOU believe in, it's not just about leaving the EU, both future Labour AND Conservative governments would ensure the UK leaves the EU, it's not just about who is the respective party leader, it is also about our future, whether we continue to have a National Health Service, a decent environment, holidays and social welfare benefits, whether we have functioning train and bus services, and so much more... So question the candidates when you see them, ask them what they would do for you in actual terms, not just soundbites, then hold whoever wins to account.

If you aren't already registered to vote, you have until the 22nd of May to register (though it's too late to register for the local elections tomorrow); see website for further details.

People did give their lives so that you can have the right to vote, use it!

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