Sunday, 14 May 2017

Sussex Wildlife Trust, Our Environment & Your Vote!

Filsham Reedbed (Sussex Wildlife Trust)

The decisions any government makes on funding, policy and priorities, affects the environment and our everyday lives. The Sussex Wildlife Trust asks that you please make sure that the candidates looking to obtain your vote know how much the environment means to you; go to their website for further information.
Also, in the video on this webpage, they speak about why the environment matters in the General Election, so ask the candidates what they will do to ensure the viability of our environment should they be successfully elected on the 8th of June 2017.  
Furthermore, you still have a week to go to put yourself on the register to vote if you are not already on it, that is, until 22nd May 2017; go to the Government website to register, it only takes a few minutes. 
Filsham Reedbed (in the photograph) is one of the largest reedbeds in Sussex, is a Sussex Wildlife Trust nature reserve, and I regularly walk there as it is just to the west of Hastings and always a lovely quiet site to visit. I am a member of the Sussex Wildlife Trust and, if like me you want to know more about the wildlife of Sussex, go to their website for membership details, and find out what the Trust is about!

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