Thursday, 18 May 2017

Is there an election soon?

First, I noticed this poster around town last week, so, not everyone in Hastings appears to approve of our MP to May 2017, and Home Secretary...

Then this rather more obvious message turned up below Pelham Crescent... 

Quickly painted out, but this level of graffiti isn't correct for Hastings, surely, we should be keeping it clean and tidy for visitors and their photographs, let alone ourselves, whatever any genuine grievances, after all, we pay enough in council tax to pay to keep it clean and tidy, despite gulls, and others, doing their best to fill the town with litter and dog mess! 

But no! Someone from the opposite end of the spectrum has joined in, it appears, so we've vandals of the 'left' and 'right' now, increasing our council tax!?! 

I also saw this image on facebook earlier, someone certainly has it in for the Labour candidate, a "cur" and a "ninny" in his/her/their opinion/s! Now, I went out to take my own photographs of the last 2, but they have either been very professionally cleaned up already, had water-based paint used which was washed away by heavy rain and winds last night, or were originally photoshopped... but who would bother going to such lengths?!? 

Anyway, we've another 3 weeks of this! 😨

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