Saturday, 6 August 2016

Trains: Government Interference to Ensure Strike Solution Blocked!

A return to the past? Travelling by train to London is, sadly, being ruined by political interference again, the Government appearing to have returned to conflictual industrial relations. The Employer/Government has wrecked talks to ensure a proposal to call off industrial action following Peter Wilkinson describing Southern Rail staff as "muppets" and bragging he wants a "punch up" with the unions!  

Wilkinson, the DfT Director responsible for rail franchising, asserted, at a Conservative Party meeting at Croydon Town Hall organised by Croydon Central MP Gavin Barwell: "Over the next three years we're going to be having punch ups and we will see industrial action and I want your support...  we have got to break them!"

THREE years with an even worse rail service for Hastings, wonderful!!

And there was me looking forward to going to the Great British Beer Festival this week! When are these macho political figures going to grow up? Just buy a sports car!

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