Wednesday, 17 August 2016

The Bayeux Tapestry in Hastings!

Yes really, though not the original, but a mighty fine replica of the tapestry in the form of 1066 - A Medieval Mosaic created by Michael Linton from New Zealand, and which is sited in the Crypt of St Mary in the Castle, Pelham Arcade, to the east of Iceland (next to and behind St Mary's Restaurant).

How was this made? Well, it would take a rather a long paragraph to explain in full, but it took Michael 33 years to fashion an accurate copy of the tapestry made up of tiny pieces of steel broken from disks used in knitting machines and hand painted using a very wee nylon brush that Michael can show you, and which he did show me happily. For the full explanation and plenty more information, have a look at his website, very impressive! Of course, you can also visit and find out from Michael himself...

Indeed, the mosaic is in the Guinness Book of Records for being the world's largest steel mosaic, made of 3,000,000 pieces of steel, 64 metres long, and weighing 450kg.

I'd recommend you visit soon, although the exhibition will remain here until the 28th of October 2016, so you do have plenty of time, but it is well worth the visit, truly awesome! Whilst there, you could also have a drink at the very recently opened St Mary's bar too...

Nice one Michael, just in time for the 950th Anniversary!

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