Thursday, 18 August 2016

The Games People Play

Sometimes you have to succumb to the wiles of a young woman, and, earlier today, I did! I was a wee bit thirsty down at Rock-a-Nore, and found myself drawn into drinking an excellent ale or two at the Dolphin Inn... And, yes, Lou and Debs enticed me into playing pub games, many of which they have in the Dolphin, and, Thursday afternoon appears to be a shift they encourage game play there! 

Well, we played a few different games, including Shove Ha'penny, where they used these discs, but they do also have genuine ha'pennies too, which I used for authenticity of course. We also played other games, including a reverse game of Jenga, no idea what it's called, and a game I used to play in a pub in my teens, we used to call it Boxo, but it appears it isn't what it's called, at least not nowadays...

Anyway, fun was had, and decent ale was enjoyed too!

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