Sunday, 28 August 2016

Fun at The Stade yesterday!

Sorry, I missed that there would be a Summer Fair at the Stade Hall yesterday, but quite a few people did appear to be aware, happy to share any feedback, cheers!

This was taken at about 10.45 yesterday morning, during the circus skills 'workshops', though only advertised to commence at 11am! The children appeared to be enjoying their early workshops, so, nice one to the performers for providing more of their time...

I went back to have a look at Le Cirque a couple of hours later, this was taken before the band appeared. Sadly, I had forgotten to bring my camera, and my mobile phone stopped working after this photograph was taken (damn!), thus missing the full ensemble, and as I went further back on the open space, more and more people came to watch (I think the music enticed many!). Consequently, you cannot see just how popular this was, but take my word for it, it was popular, and the European ensemble were pretty funny too, and yes, that is a young man hanging around up there!

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