Monday, 15 August 2016

Southern Rail: industrial unrest continues, not a surprise...

If you haven't already heard, unsurprisingly, see my recent blog, Southern Rail and the RMT have come to yet another impasse, with the union explaining that the rail operator had rejected its proposals "out of hand" (link)! 

This 'negotiation' does now appear to have been totally usurped by politics, whilst all that the people of Hastings want is a decent rail service... It's time now for the franchise to be pulled from Govia Thameslink and passed to someone with a good track record (excuse the pun) and who can run a rail service efficiently, Transport for London have put themselves forward (link), yes pretty please! 

Write to your MP, who lists one of her political interests as "transport" (website), I have! 

Here's my missive: 

Dear Amber Rudd,
As our MP, and someone who has listed one of her political interests with Parliament as 'transport' - - I am pleading that you help to sort out the industrial dispute between Govia Thameslink and the RMT, which has caused tremendous problems with those of your constituents who use the railway for employment, educational, and social purposes. 
Surely, now is the time to withdraw the franchise from Govia Thameslink, who have not been providing an efficient service for the last few years, indeed, even before the dispute started! 
I have read that Transport for London are prepared to take on the franchise, please please please help to sort this out and ensure the franchise is withdrawn from Govia and passed to someone willing to take on the franchise efficiently, or to bring about an in-house management service, like happened with East Coast, the only rail company to contribute to the Exchequer since privatisation, whilst all other rail companies are paid £millions by the Exchequer. 
I trust you will give this problem your attention and ensure that your constituents no longer have to cope with an inferior rail service.
Many thanks, 
Yours sincerely,


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