Monday, 27 March 2017

White Rock Promenade Kiosk Now Open, Honest!

Yesterday, I noticed that the kiosk that was first mooted in the plans for the regeneration of the White Rock Promenade nearly 2 years ago, is now open to provide refreshments! 

This is how it was envisaged in the plans (see my blog of 11th June 2015). I'm sure they were talking about it as an 'information kiosk' at the exhibition at the White Rock Hotel that day. Though, with even more cut-backs to funding to local councils, particularly for Hastings, from Central Government, plus noting that, despite the Borough Council keeping its own annual council tax increase to 2%, the overall increase for Hastings council tax payers in 2017/18 is 4.3%! Subsequently, I can understand that, I presume, this kiosk is now being used as a way of making income for the Council... fair enough.

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