Tuesday, 14 March 2017


By Steve the Beermeister...

OK, I'm guessing that the First In Last Out doesn't make enough money from its restaurant, because, they increase the prices of their beers at least twice a year, despite having up to 50% small breweries tax relief on a pint of their own ales. So, following the tax hike in the recent Government budget, they're selling a pint of their FILO Gold (a very decent ale, indeed, and local CAMRA champion this year!) at £3.70, since they put their prices up yesterday, which is equivalent to £4 a pint, or thereabouts, taking into account small brewery tax relief. Indeed, a pint would cost you similar in the array of Hastings Shepherd Neame pubs ( which are vastly overpriced too!), yet you can buy, today, a pint of the excellent Salopian Hop Twister at the Dolphin Inn for £3.60, or 10p a pint cheaper straight up, or 40p a pint cheaper taking into account the tax relief (Indeed, you could get the same Hop Twister at the FILO very recently for the same price!)... 

Hmmm... is this profiteering, with DFLs apparently willing to pay more for a beer?


  1. Steve, you'll get barred fella :-)


    1. I got a frosty reception earlier today Chris!