Wednesday, 1 March 2017

And Rail Users Continue To Get The Worst Deal!

Go-Ahead, who own 65% of Govia (who operate Southern Railway), have announced that their profits have dived because of the catastrophe that is Southern... 
"Go-Ahead said it was talking to unions to try to resolve the issues. Group chief executive David Brown said: "We have faced lengthy and significant industrial relations issues related to the modernisation of working practices.
"Our customers have suffered months of disrupted travel, impacting work and family lives and we are sorry that such inconvenience and hardship has been caused. Discussions with trade unions are ongoing as we strive to reach a full resolution of these issues," he added." See more at the BBC
If you really want to make more profits, don't do the Government's dirty work for them (See previous blog). Meanwhile, taxpayers continue to pay £millions to maintain this farce, fares continue to rise ahead of inflation, and rail users aren't getting a service! 
The RMT (conductors) have organised a 24 hour strike in this area, and around the country, for Monday 13th March, and who knows what Aslef (drivers) will do next...

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