Thursday, 15 September 2016

Running down people in the High Street!

I only found out earlier today that a very well-known local older man was very nearly run over in the High Street on Saturday evening! He now has a very pronounced black eye due to his avoidance tactics, thank God he dodged the offending vehicle... he has since visited his GP with his eye, and also because he has badly damaged his right arm... 

This is a man who doesn't want to make a fuss, God bless him, but, sooner or later, someone will be very seriously injured, maybe killed, in the High Street! Ostensibly, it is a 20 MPH speed limit, but, the young man who nearly hit this very well know local with his car, was driving well over 20 MPH and drove up onto the pavement! He didn't even stop to make sure the victim was OK!

I wrote over a year ago that Sussex Police weren't even threatening to prosecute people breaking the speed limit in Hastings (blog), but something needs to happen urgently! First, the Police have to ensure drivers obey the law, second, "Sleeping Policemen", at least, have to be introduced to the High Street, because I never want to have to report that a local person has been killed here...

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