Friday, 16 September 2016

Music Galore, plus more, this Weekend!

Music galore, notably 3 gigs on the Pier, but not just there! 

The weekend kicks off with Dizzee Rascal on the Pier this evening (Friday), and the weather forecast suggests the rain should have eased up later with, mostly, light showers this evening, still not good, but certainly better than what's outside right now! Much of the Pier will be closed off over the weekend to facilitate the music, please see the website for details of gigs and other events on and around the Pier.

Tomorrow, on the Pier, Happy Mondays are playing, supported by ORB, and on Sunday, The Levellers play. The weather forecast is much better for the rest of the weekend and, should you not have tickets, I am sure you'll be able to have fun still, and hear the sounds, in the area, an eclectic mix indeed!

Of course, this being Hastings, there's very much more this weekend, and music all over the shop too! Not least the Seafood & Wine Festival, of which I'll write more later, with a music tent on the Stade Beach, commencing with Ska and Blue Beat this evening with the Two Tones and Mighty Sounds; for details of the weekend music see the website.

Search elsewhere for music, of course, as there's plenty, eg the Jenny Lind and the Dolphin Inn have music this evening and tomorrow evening... and the Route 1066 Arts Festival continues (website), not to mention the free guided walks of the Stade provided Saturday and Sunday mornings, starting at 11am, by the Old Hastings Preservation Society (website), and the regular weekly 'fun' 5km Parkrun that starts Saturday morning at 9am at Seaside Road, opposite the Bo-Peep, to the Pier and back (website).

Have fun!

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