Thursday, 1 September 2016

£20,000,000 more?!?

£20,000,000 fund (from us, the taxpayers, it appears!) to improve a 'service' run by a private company for profit, Southern, but why oh why? Private railways do NOT work, hence, why they were 'socialised' or nationalised after World War II, in the first place, and the only rail company that has contributed to the Exchequer rather than drain money in recent years was East Coast, after it was 'socialised' by the last Labour government, before it was again sold off, to Virgin, this time! For example, see the BBC website.

Southern don't need even more taxpayers money to cosy their wee nest, it needs to be shut down, it is inefficient, it needs to be excised from the public purse and a new socialised rail company to be instituted in its place! 

And why oh why are our NHS doctors being demonised yet again (BBC), and being accused of playing politics?!? We were promised, by Brexiteers, like the (now) Foreign Secretary, that another £350,000,000 would be available a week if we voted to leave the European Union, did they lie, or were they playing politics?!? Of course they did both, and, sadly, our NHS is being attacked again... 

Hastings is being shafted by the Government in more than one way these days... not just the over the national average reduction of government funding that has occurred in recent years, now our Health Service and Railways are being endangered, sad days...

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