Monday, 6 June 2016

The Winkle Club

Well, we've been given a weekend of music thanks to Hastings Winkle Club (website) so I thought I'd provide a bit of information for those not in the know!  

Hastings Winkle Club was founded in 1900 by local fishermen who wanted to raise money for the poorer children of Hastings, notably at Christmas, and still continues to raise money for less privileged local families.

Winston Churchill became a member in 1955; here's a relevant film to watch, though I doubt he was asked to "Winkle Up" too often! (Basically, a member has to  produce his winkle shell when challenged, according to the rules of the Club, but receives a fine if he cannot, though it's a bit more complicated than that). Indeed, many dignitaries have been members, and HRH Queen Elizabeth II is an Honorary Member.   

At the foot of All Saints Street in Rock-a-Nore Road is Winkle Island, the symbolic Gathering Place of Hastings Winkle Club for events and galas, and includes a Giant Winkle Shell where members of the public may make contributions into an incorporated collection box.  

More information can be read at the Registered Charity's excellent website.

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