Saturday, 18 June 2016

Saturday Events

Who said no-one would support the Pier?!? Anyway, don't expect it to be this busy this weekend, but the usual kiosks, funfair, food and drink are available, of course, and today, Saturday 18th June, the Hastings Beer & Music Festival is holding a Promotional Day, 10am to 4 pm; see website for more details.

Stade Saturdays has returned for the 2016 Summer season, and this Saturday, at 5.30pm and 7.30pm, are productions of Gloriator (website), so get yourself down to the Stade for a couple of hours of free fun and laughter, not Gladiator exactly, but with more lifelike effects, and with perhaps some historical inaccuracies too! 

There is also the Hastings Ukulele Weekend, but can I find a website for it, sorry, no, but I have found details of some of the listings at this page)! I have seen that in the Old Town this Saturday are the HOT Ukulele Group at the Royal Standard at 2pm; at 3pm are Cheap Dates at the Jenny Lind and The Luddites and the Ukulele Guy (I think, having problems getting the info!) at the Anchor; at the Nelson at 4pm are the Hastings Ukuladies; in Butlers Gap at 5.30pm onwards there is "The Big Busk", presumably an all join in event; at the Albion are The Pukes at 8pm and Opera-Lele at 9pm; and I'm sure I saw something about ukulele at the Stade Open Space during the afternoon, but please don't hold me to that! Anyway, have a wander, I'm sure there will be more about that I've missed!

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