Monday, 20 June 2016

Jo Cox Vigil...

Congregating outside St Mary in the Castle yesterday afternoon...

Before we set off for Swan Terrace there were a few moving eulogies and speeches, we were filmed by the BBC, a local businessman gave out free bottles of cooled water, very kind, many thanks, and passers by mostly weren't really sure what was going on!

From the front, the 2 main organisers (I believe) and one of our mayors, leading the way, walking up the High Street to Swan Terrace. This photograph I have borrowed from the Vigil's facebook page, many thanks, as I was towards the back of the demo, though most of these images are my own.

Entering Swan Terrace, the Old Town's  Peace Gardens, in effect, and an image of the woman whose assassination, sadly, led to this demonstration, this afternoon, against violence against women, and in memory of Jo Cox.

Looking up towards where speeches and eulogies were again made by the event's organisers and our Mayor, and including one from our local C of E Parish Priest, who also stated that the Seven-Day Candle he was holding would be returned to inside St Clements Church, opposite, later in the afternoon, and where it continues to burn.

Finally, a photograph from the event's facebook page, many thanks again, looking back down towards many of those who attended (I estimated that 150 people attended at Swan Terrace), including me, though the foliage mostly hides me. A very good turn-out considering it had been arranged so swiftly: In Memory of Jo Cox R.I.P. 

And this was all captured by the BBC (from facebook), see video...   

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