Wednesday, 14 June 2017

The Cyril and Lilian Bishop

The Cyril and Lilian Bishop being towed onto the beach this morning; I've written about this lifeboat, the "Ghost of Dunkirk" a few times now, for more information about her and her history, go to one of my previous blogs, for example here...

Tush and Dee-Day supervising her movements, thanks to the help of volunteers...

Now sited on the Stade Open Space, just below All Saints Street, and from where the annual Blessing of the Sea will be made this evening, just after 6pm.

The Cyril and Lilian Bishop will remain on the Stade until she is towed up All Saints Street on Saturday at 11.00 am to her final dry dock below All Saints Church. Tomorrow evening will see some musical events held on her, and on Friday evening there will be an auction from her deck of numerous donations, where the proceeds will go to her upkeep. 

Another important piece of Hastings history being preserved, nice one!

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