Saturday, 17 June 2017

Moving the 'Ghost of Dunkirk'

Jonathan Mendenhall sharing the history of the Cyril and Lilian Bishop, the 'Ghost of Dunkirk', with us before her final journey...

Judy Rogers, Mayor of Hastings, gives her account...

Michael Foster, ex-Member of Parliament and Deputy Lieutenant of East Sussex, and Hastings' resident all his life ("I've never stayed away from Hastings for more than 2 weeks, all my life", though he did attend the University of Leicester, so I'm guessing he included that as living in Hastings...), joins in!

I was surprised that All Saints Street was actually empty of parked vehicles by 10.00, well done folks!

The stewards do a typical steward thing and push people out of the way as if we are children, give someone a high viz jacket and the think they're God!

Despite listing to starboard for a short while, there was little problem with hauling her up through the narrow early part of All Saints Street.

Then, she sat outside the Crown for 20 minutes whilst the bar was overwhelmed!

Coming up to the Cinque Ports Arms

 Sitting outside the Stag Inn

More singing - She's arrived! 

Well done Hastingers, the Cyril and Lilian Bishop docked below All Saints Church.

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