Monday, 19 December 2016

At last, pizza for one!

This isn't an advertisement, but an observation of mine, quite frankly, for single people, or those in relationships where only one of the couple, or family, likes a pizza every now and then. For years, all the larger pizza companies have deals for 2 pizzas, for example, or just charge a stupid amount for one pizza, well now your luck is in in Hastings! 

I only recently discovered Oregano Leaf in Queens Road, which has some of the same sort of deals as other 'pizzerias', but also, if you collect the pizza yourself, a reduced price of £5 for any of their 10" pizzas, £7 for 13" and £8 for 15" pizzas, and I've had quite a few since discovery, and they're cooked in a wood burning oven (above), and they ain't bad!

Not Christmassy, but worth sharing, I thought...

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