Thursday, 15 December 2016

Southern update

OK, so no strike today, and talks are set to continue at Acas to try and find a compromise that both sides of the dispute can accept, but don't hold your breath! 

Aslef remain on an overtime ban, and Southern have already warned that, though today isn't a strike day, 'services', though I use the term loosely, will still be disrupted, and the strikes will continue at midnight if there is no resolution at Acas, of course. 

Indeed, I can't see a resolution on the horizon whilst the Government interferes in the background, as I have said on a number of occasions, and supported by the £20 million Government payment to Southern in September, and the estimated £50 million more we're about to pay (see the Telegraph, for example). meaning that us, the UK taxpayers, are paying much too much for a failed rail service. 

Meanwhile, the Mayor of London offers to help sort out the problem, suggesting that the Government allow Transport for London to run the franchise (as I witnessed on BBC news yesterday), and which has been reported on a few times before, but I can't see the Government allowing that... shame on them!

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