Monday, 23 May 2016

Old Town Hall Meeting This Evening.

Meeting 6.00 for 6.30 Monday 23rd May – History House 


1] Jobs agreed – how should we fill them ?
* Volunteers manager; Bookings /Programme manager ; Exhibition Co- ordinator; Premises manager ; Cleaners ; Fundraising team; Publicity team + Information team; Retail team ; Day to Day treasurer; Education officer; +++

2] Expressions of interest from various group / activity organisers -
* How should this be approached ?
* Do we need a notional timetable over the week / month etc.
* Booking form
* Fee structure

3] Early bird programme of activities

4] Future agenda items.

Hastings Old Town Hall -Notes from a meeting held 16th May at Hastings History House
10 people present

1 Dick reported that Cllr. Peter Chowney had said there was a commercial bid in from an Old Town business for the OTH but that he would be willing to consider a well prepared bid from the community. He had said that after an initial trial period a rent would be expected.
It was felt a meeting of the steering group with Cllr. Chowney was desirable topics to be covered:
1 Terms of Lease
2 Insurance
3 Business Plan
4 Funding
5 package of users and schedule of events
6 staff and management structure

2 Working group
Jobs to be covered
Funding team – Sue Dawson, Dick Edwards
Publicity Team
Treasurer – Dick reported Phil White [HOTRA’s Treasurer] was happy to keep accounts] leaving a role for day to day financial management/banking etc.
Retail co-ordinator – Jacky Pratt
Education Officer/team – Michelle Frankel

Once/if we have access for temporary use – Keyholder – KC at Jenny Lind + one or two more.
Locking up procedure/security – Jacky Pratt +
Information co-ordinator
Cleaning management /cleaner – though it was expected that users would clean up after themselves and take rubbish away.
Premises co-ordinator – bookings etc.

Key Priorities
Temporary Use – open by August
Public Liability Insurance needed and possibly premises?
Claire Hamill offered a fundraising gig – licensing Dick will enquire of HBC
Michelle Frankel said her group were ready to go - plays and work on ‘Women of Note in Hastings’.
Fair/Market would be comparatively easy to organise and enable us to assess the need for such space.
Storytelling –a request for a monthly venue.
Possibly library use.

3 Funding Strategy
Sue had obtained details of the Foreshore Trust grants, and 1066 fund, Brigit had found out about NISA community fund
Membership – get involved a space for you / Sponsorship
Shares, and crowd funding were thought to be right if longer lease taken on.
A Hiring fee structure was discussed and £10 an hour or £30 a session was felt to be affordable by community groups. % of take for events when tickets sold.

4 Keeping the Community involved
Many thanks to Dee Harvey for excellent poster – to be used on flyers with info on the back.
Social media – volunteers needed/Dick would send article to Hastings Independent/Observer.

5 Dates for meetings – Mondays seemed to suit most people next meeting Monday 23rd 6 for 6.30 at Hastings History House, following was Bank Holiday but it might be possible TBC. It was important to keep the momentum going if we were to succeed.
6 AOB Hastings Embroidery – Dick had circulated a link which was the Bayeux Tapestry made of steel and was due to be displayed in St Mary-in-the-Castle this year. It was felt that the HE would be ideally shown with this.

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