Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Celebrating Jack in Hastings, and more...

You can't do any better than celebrate Jack in the Green by meeting up with one of the 4 Beer Fairies, here in the Dolphin Inn at about 09.30! I'm sure she must have a celtic name, whatever, she put me right about the role of a Beer Fairy, mostly, who's job is to keep the Bogies hydrated with ale from their rather enormous horns, nice one and cheers! She certainly made me smile, and we met up a couple of more times during the day, such is life in the party town of Hastings, keeps us older lads happy anyway...

As I had other duties up on West Hill this year, I didn't get a chance to photograph the many motorbikes that arrived, but, on my way along the seafront, I snapped early arrivals...

Waiting for the Jack to emerge from the Fishermen's Museum, only, due to other reasons, I couldn't hang around for long enough! 

Opposite the Dolphin, the Giants wait for the Jack to emerge too! 


Looking up High Street towards the procession coming down High Street! 

Up West Hill I then rushed, up the steepest way it seemed! Once at the top, you can see the trouble up there yesterday, 'twas a bit like being in a cloud! Sad for the day, and was quieter up here than usual, but still, it became much busier when the Jack and entourage arrived, but I was helping out in the...  

The Bar 

Anyway, as I said, I couldn't take so many photographs this year as I was otherwise engaged, the weather wasn't so great, but a fun time was had by many!

This morning, and this was taken before 07.00, and the job of cleaning up the 'Old Town' was already nearly completed, but you can see a few of those who carried out that job in this photograph, well done Hastings, and well done you cleaning peeps too, no wonder our council tax is not so cheap! 

My shadow is down there, bottom left, looking forward to the next party, cheers!

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