Friday, 29 April 2016

Save the Old Town Hall, High Street!

If you don't want to lose the Old Town Hall, built in 1823 (link to my blog about the history of the building), as a resource for Hastings, there is a group trying to adopt the building for the local community, their next meeting is at Hastings History House , Courthouse Street, on the 4th of May, and here are the minutes from the last meeting, good luck to them! 

Hastings History House

Notes from a meeting re The Old Town Hall held at Hastings History House on 25th April 2016.
16 people present – who introduced themselves, Dick welcomed two representatives from the Hasting Youth Council and said how important it was to the OTHG to have their input.
1] Urbanism Award Ceremony Brigit had been finding out more about this. She reported the award was a framed sketch and poem by the Academy of Urbanisim’s artist and poet in residence. It was possibly to be presented on 21st June date tbc. It was agreed this should happen in the heart of the Old Town at the Old Town Hall with community involvement, it would be a good day to open the building. Ian said he has escorted the judges around and was told community reps would be invited to the prize winners announcement ceremony but this hadn’t happened. Cllr Dawn Poole had emailed the following ‘I had been to visit the Academy of Urbanism about the White Rock area. As well as giving me a copy of the booklet with prize-winners (which included the poem in the latest HOTRA newsletter) the academy agreed to my request to present the award to local residents when it visits Hastings in May.’
2] Funding/grants/shares/Peppercorn rent
Dick reported that Awards for All would fund groups setting up like ours but possibly a 13 week waiting list. Other potential donors might be local trusts, organisations and individuals but there may be a gap before our organisation could register as a CIO. Sponsorship – local shops NISA might be interested, Crowd funding – seemed to be a possibility as the funds were pledged but not claimed until the project was ready to roll. £12.50 - £15 per hour seemed to be the current hire rate for meeting rooms in the Old Town. Mary reported she had look at chair and table hire and the advice was if you want for longer than 2 months it’s best to buy. 2nd hand often on ebay etc.
Staffing would have to be entirely voluntary in the first 6 months. Dick will put together a folder to include a list of groups, suggested programme and a timeline. He would continue to try and contact Treasure Tots to see if they were still interested.

3] Promotion – Dee offered to do some posters; hopefully 2 large ones could go up in the OTH, Brenda will take an A3, Nisa, Roebuck Surgery, might put one up and other local shops; KC [might also put in this magazine]. Dick would get A4 copies. Richard suggested it incorporate a QR code which would take mobile phone users to the website, this was agreed if possible. Dick had included in HOTRA newsletter and would continue to use Parish News. Brigit said taxi firm might hand out flyers. Wording ‘Save the Old Town Hall –we need your help’ or similar.
Social networking, facebook etc. Sam said the Youth Council had already discussed on their facebook page. He and Josh would look into setting up an OTH facebook page. 4] Hastings Embroidery – Cathy Walling [Hastings Museum] estimated that the cost of getting this down and putting it on display to be £5-6000. It would need to be insured. The OTHG had no funds but felt 2016 should be the year it came back to visit Hastings and be on display. The logistics of display were discussed. Given the community interest in this one might expect volunteers to offer to help or contribute to make tit happen. If any of the original embroiders were still in town a ceremony could be held. The Observer had several correspondents recorded and might be willing to publicise.

5] Stallholders –drop off pick up – how would this be managed. Jackie and Ian had experience of this and timed slots was the answer. Market Charges – if an organiser was putting on the Market they might charge entry and they in turn would be charge by the OTHG accordingly.

6] Keyholder KC was willing and Linda had said a ‘signing the key in and out book’ would be kept.

7] Ideas from the Youth Council would be welcomed – artwork and vintage arcade games were some of the ideas they had discussed on facebook. The latter would be added to our list and Sam and Josh were thanked for their contribution.

Dick thanked all for attending and contributing to a positive meeting.
Would you please let Dick know if there is an item you want on the agenda to be discussed and/or bring to the
NEXT MEETING. THIS IS ON WEDS 4TH MAY 6 for 6.30 at Hastings History House

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