Friday, 29 April 2016

Even More Happening at the Pier!

The front of the Pier is now festooned with pennants created by children from all primary schools in Hastings and St Leonards, plus some from schools further out!

The Deck, above the Visitors' Centre, has opened today, with cheerful and friendly staff, as you can just about see, a wee bit dark, sorry; so you can eat and drink upstairs here, as well as at the old Pavilion towards the front of the Pier now. The seating here is protected from the wind by clear strengthened glass, so no spoiling the view, and is very comfy.

Talking about seating, more benches were being added as I photographed; these made from recovered decking from the old Pier, as is the cladding around the Visitors' Centre. 

Oh! I've also discovered that fishing from the Pier will be allowed at specified times and timetables will be available soon. To keep in touch with developments and with details of events, gigs etc, see the Pier's new website.

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