Friday, 14 July 2017

Pirate Day 2017 - Sunday 16th July...

OK, there's always plenty happening in Hastings every weekend, but this weekend, events are likely to be dominated by Pirate Day on Sunday and, despite it not being a year needed to count the pirates in town (yet again, as Penzance still hasn't caught up with the Hastings' record of 14,231 achieved in 2012), Roger Crouch returns as organiser to ensure that much pirate fun will be there for young and old; see website.

And it's not just another event dominated by the 'old town' as plenty is going on from the end of Rock-a-Nore Road at the Blue Reef Aquarium, all the way to Grosvenor Gardens and the Bo Peep Inn, where I've been told pirate flags are flying already! The old town will see mermaids, shanty songs and drums; Hastings Lifeboat has an exercise launch at 09.00am and Pirate Day Refreshments from 11.00am; Pelham Beach will see free-fall parachuting and flags; the town centre and Priory Meadow will see music and workshops; the Pier and White Rock Theatre will see a treasure hunt and children's entertainment; then there will be 'Treasure Island' at St Leonards Warrior Square... Not to mention the procession, Punch & Judy, sword fighting, pirate films, and much more, and, of course much rum me 'arties!

Have piratical fun! 💀 

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