Friday, 25 November 2016

Another Full Hastings Weekend, Fun and Terror!

As usual, there is plenty happening in Hastings this weekend, and we all know about the decent pubs, and music in pubs and bars, that will be enjoyed, but, in St Leonards, during Saturday daytime, there will the Frost Fair, see internet link.

In the town centre, at Priory Meadow, there is the annual Christmas ice rink...

On, and from, Hastings Pier, mucho stuff happening too! The Snow Slide, Neverland at Christmas, the Pirate Ship, Fishing from the Pier, and so much more (website).

And the terrorists?!? Well, the Cycling Fascists appear to have decided to break the law, yet AGAIN, as in, many cyclists are happy to jump traffic lights, and pedestrian and zebra crossings, on the odd occasion that they actually do use the road (which they're allowed to use legally), many don't use the cycle lanes they have been crying out for for years, and many prefer to use footpaths, as it is so much easier to ride into pedestrians, very soft targets, obviously...

and they now appear to be ignoring the fact that the cycle route through Alexandra Park hasn't actually been approved yet! The Borough Council does not seem to be supporting the safety of nature lovers, pedestrians, mothers and pram pushers who enjoy the Park, indeed, a shame if it ever does get approved (council website), let's trust the County Council looks after the law abiding people of Hastings, pretty please!

Be very careful on Sunday... cyclopaths/psychopaths are on the loose!

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