Friday, 31 July 2015

Closure Order in Cornwallis Terrace!

Interestingly, I just found out, from this older photograph, that Cornwallis Gardens (I'd wrongly input Gardens rather than Terrace in Google images) used to be called Cornwall's Gardens, I live and learn! Anyway, here is Cornwallis Terrace, also from a while ago: 

You'll appreciate, from a few blogs ago, and the coming carnival in Hastings, I shall be blogging about the social goings-on of the Carnival Week, a lot... However, an interesting piece of 'anti-social' goings-on: See the Sussex Police website for more! 

Arts & Crafts Fair TODAY!

At the White Rock Theatre from 11.00 to 16.00, 31st July 2015.


Looks like an exciting way to start off the coming week of Carnival events, Hastings just doesn't stop partying, enjoy! 

Thursday, 30 July 2015

Back to an Italian in Pelham Crescent!

Good to see 14-15 Pelham Crescent has returned to being an Italian restaurant, there were plenty of fish restaurants and cafes, and chippies, in Hastings already! 

If anyone visits Bella Napoli (website) please feel free to share your experience with others who read this blog, either contact me, or make a comment (nothing defamatory or rude please, though if it isn't great, it would be worth knowing). I visited the older encumbent a couple of years ago, and enjoyed it, but haven't had the experience more recently, sadly... 


Bunting going up for Carnival Week!

Spotted earlier today, the bunting is going up for Hastings Old Town Carnival Week! 

Starting this Saturday (website).

Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Forget Safe Bathing!

What is the point of advising that the "red flag indicates danger, never enter the water when the red flag is flying", whilst, this is happening...

... and being ignored by parents in the sea, let alone those WITH their children? 

I give up! 

It's looking good!

The Winch Road, that is, just waiting for the new lighting now... 

Oops! I'm in the photograph, oh well. 

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Thank you from St Michael's Hospice...

The warmth and generosity of people is ever present, as exemplified by the recent donations and support given to the hospice in recent times (website).

Monday, 27 July 2015

Unofficially, Pirate Day was...

Unofficially, Pirate Day was a wee bit wet, but here are some photographs anyway, mostly of wet people and wet Hastings. A wee drop of rain never put off any pirate... 

Pirate Day Show at St Clements, 3 kids were here by 09.50...

Stacey Marie, damp...

Early arrivals, Jayne and Phil.

In Priory Meadow...

Drummers, trying to be keen...

The RNLI sold out of wet weather coveralls!

The drummers having another drum roll!

Back in the Dolphin.


George Street, the rain didn't put off everyone, well done again Hastings, and many thanks for sharing photographs on the Pirate Day facebook page, some of which borrowed here! 

Sunday, 26 July 2015

Unofficial Pirate Day today, ooh arr...

We'll have to wait and see how many brave the forecast wet weather today, but when did pirates ever shy away from suchlike? 

Whatever, Tush told me that he will be there selling 'Fishermen's Rolls', so, at least, I know what I'll be eating for lunch... Enjoy the day!       

Thursday, 23 July 2015

St Mary in the Castle update...

Quite a while ago I wrote about St Mary in the Castle, suggesting that the St Mary in the Castle Charitable Trust would soon be taking over the lease from Buckswood School... 

Well, I've been emailing the trust about this for a while now, and accept they may be wanting to make a big deal out of this when it does happen. So I've asked them about it again, and still not received a reply, however, yet another (non-gull) birdie has advised me that the lease has already been signed over to the St Mary in the Castle Charitable Trust! Just remember, you read it here first...     

Speed Limits - "NOT enforced!"

Sussex Police have admitted, thanks to a Freedom of Information request, that they are not enforcing 20mph speed limits in Hastings and 5 other East Sussex towns, including Brighton (BBC). No wonder we still see people zooming up the narrow High Street! 

Perhaps more speed bumps should be introduced, if the Police aren't bothered to prevent dangerous speeds being reached on Hastings roads? 

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Hastings Pirate Day 2015 - Completely Unofficial!

Ooh! Saw this in a Hastings public house, it looks like there isn't an official Pirate Day this year, though there may be an "unofficial" Pirate Day on Sunday 26th July, this year, if we are to believe the RNLI, and who am I to contradict the RNLI? 

I'll just go and sort out my eye patch... 

News from Rock-a-Nore

News... rumours... You may just find that I've hit the nail on the head with this...

Following Jamie Oliver, and no doubt, not a few others, looking into the viability of opening a restaurant here, and a hotel, another little birdie (still not a gull, but a well-informed birdie, all the same) has told me that, instead, a new health centre will be situated here, replacing the Roebuck Surgery in the High Street. 

Not sure if planning permission has to be sought for change of use, before a building has been used, or if it has already been approved, but this looks to be definitely happening...   

Monday, 20 July 2015

Women in World War I

Out of the Doll's House, tomorrow (Tuesday 21st July) at Hastings Museum and Art Gallery, 10.00-12.00. So, what were women doing during World War I? Together with Hastings Women's Voice, a project to find out what our grandmothers, great-aunts and other women did during the First World War, so, now's your chance to find out more! 

See website for more details.    

Sunday, 19 July 2015

On a jollier note, welcome to Hastings!

A little birdie has told me, and it wasn't a gull, that the actress, Amanda Burton moved into Hastings on Friday; there, much nicer to look at...

A warm welcome to Amanda, trust you have a long happy relationship with Hastings!

PS. You'll find it's a lovely wee place, with few secrets ;-)  


A number of things really do annoy me, one of them is litter! As a youngster, and this does start to sound like I'm an old git now, haha, but I was taught not to litter, to either find a bin, or bring rubbish home with me...   

It's not like there isn't enough bins in Hastings, and it's bad enough with the gulls! 

Glad to get that off my chest! Expect other rants to come...  

Saturday, 18 July 2015

Stade Saturday - Shanty Festival Today!

Today, free at the Stade: Hastings Shanty Festival, 13.00 to 17.00 and from 19.30...

See website for more details, and enjoy the day!  

Thursday, 16 July 2015

Breakfasts: Tutti Frutti's has closed down!

I recommended Tutti Frutti's as an excellent cafe/restaurant in which to eat a full-English breakfast back on the 17th of May, sadly, it has closed down, with no indication of what will replace it, or even if the premises have been re-let... 

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Today, Wednesday: Cooking Sustainable Seafood at the Stade

Not free, but it looks interesting! See website... 

Government loses its bottle over hunting...

... but it doesn't mean they won't try again! 

Despite only receiving 36.7% of the vote at the General Election, or achieving about 24% support from the electorate (a third of the population didn't vote), two-thirds of whom (their own supporters) don't agree with hunting with hounds, against 75% of the overall opinion of Brits who don't agree, they will still try to bring in hunting again, because Cameron is a fox hunter, ie a CRIMINAL, because fox hunting is against the law... 

This isn't about politics, it's about criminals trying to change the law, despite being in the minority, a simple fact, and they'll try again soon, when they think they can win a vote in Parliament...   

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Do you know if your MP supports Fox Hunting?

Are you aware that your local Member of Parliament, Amber Rudd, is in favour of repealing the Hunting Act? (See these 2 lists: list1 and list2 of MPs' positions)

The vote is in the House of Commons tomorrow (Wednesday 15th), I have already made Amber Rudd aware of my opinion, but she doesn't agree with the 75% of the electorate who support the Hunting Act, which includes two-thirds of Conservative Party voters too!     

Monday, 13 July 2015

St Michael's Hospice: Updated Statement.

"The fire, ambulance and police services all declared the fire a major incident and 23 palliative care patients with life-limiting illnesses and nine staff were all successfully evacuated. The patients were moved to the Conquest Hospital and neighbouring care homes, accompanied by members of nursing staff. Sadly, after the evacuation one of our patients, a 78 year old woman, passed away. A coroners report is yet to determine if this was a direct result of the fire.

We are also very sad to announce that 2 of our patients with life-limiting illnesses, a woman aged 62 and an 81-year-old man who were being treated for smoke inhalation at the Conquest Hospital, St Leonards on Sea, have subsequently passed away.

Our heartfelt thoughts are with all of their family and friends at this very difficult time. A 67-year-old St Leonards on Sea man, who is known to the Hospice, was arrested on Saturday 11 July on suspicion of arson with intent to endanger life. He has now been further arrested on Sunday 12 July on two counts of murder.  

Detective Chief Inspector Mark Preston of the Surrey and Sussex Major Crime Team said: "This is an extremely difficult time for the residents and staff of St Michael's Hospice and for the families of the residents who have sadly passed away".

Celia Pyke-Lees, Chief Executive of St Michael's Hospice said: "We are extremely grateful to the police, fire services, local care homes and the hospital for their support. We would also like to extend our thanks to all staff, volunteers and supporters for all their support. Thank you for all your kind donations received so far which are helping us make our patients more comfortable." 

We are currently waiting for the Police to hand the building back to us and a structural engineer will then visit to assess the building so future plans can be developed. The Hospice will continue to update it's website and social media to keep you informed of any future development. 

For any urgent clinical / patient enquiries call the Head of Clinical Services on 07827 912570. For any other urgent enquires call the Head of Marketing on 07827 912621." 

Note: I believe the previous request for emergency items has now been fulfilled many times over, well done Hastings! 


Sunday, 12 July 2015

St Michael's Hospice - Urgently Required Items!


Can you help us please?
We urgently need the following items to tide us over the next few days. This is to help our wonderful staff care for our patients. 
*4 hardback lockable small suitcases
*New sets of pyjamas and nighties
*Slippers (for men and ladies please, sizes average and large)
*Towels, flannels, razors, shaving cream.
If you are able to help please call or text 07766748553 (please use this number for these donations only).

St Michael's Update: Arson Arrest!

A 67 years-old man has been detained by Sussex Police; see their website